Kitchen Medicine Know Your Ingredients
Learning about the ayurvedic properties and nutritional value of what you eat is an important part of turning food into medicine to keep you healthy all year long.


Turmeric             The Kitchari Spice Mix is an Important part of Doctor Blossom's Kitchen Medicine             Ghee is used to lubricate the intestines and improve elimination drawing toxins from the body’s tissues into the GI tract for elimination through the bowels.  Ghee is best used as a vehicle for medicinal herbs.  A consultation with Doctor Blossom can determine the righ herbal recommendation to balance the dosha.

amla with_red_stripe_for_DB             Tulsi has broad applications as a kitchen medicine. It relievs stress and builds immunity, while alleviating symptoms such as fevers, cough, sore throats, and kidney stones.  Also known as holy basic, Tulsi is a Doctor Blossom favorite.             Doctor Blossom recommends the Pukka Detox Tea to aid in the detox while increasing the digestive fire, important for assimilating the nourishment out of what you eat.

Mung Beans
             astragalus for_DB             Basmati Rice        





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