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Welcome! We invite you to become a part of a culture that values health as a foundation for leading a fulfilling life, nurturing family and community, and living in balance with the planet. 


At Doctor Blossom, we help individuals and groups create healthy fulfilling lives with Ayurvedic Consultations, Cleanses and Bodywork online and locally in San Francisco and Berkeley, California. With our services we look to promote truly affordable and sustainable health care that can heal the individual, their community, and the planet.

One of the greatest strengths of Ayurveda, the natural healing system of India, is its emphasis on using the familiar elements of one’s life to heal imbalances and support optimal health and longevity. In consultation with a member of the Doctor Blossom team or by participating in a group program, you’ll be guided to make simple changes to the foods you eat, your sleep patterns, and your daily routine. Our clients find that these small changes often serve as catalysts for mind-body transformation enabling them to find deeper satisfaction and ease within everyday life. For those with chronic health imbalances, it is these changes to daily life in conjunction with Ayurvedic herbal medicine that makes this practice so effective.

Supportive community serves as the garden in which we can grow into empowered aware individuals; at Doctor Blossom, we look to cultivate and hold this space for you with our monthly newsletter. Sign-up with this link and every month you’ll receive seasonal tips, recipes and event updates to reinforce the healthy changes you're implementing in your life.